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Wisdom Cards

Wisdom Cards


Ways to use Wisdom Cards:


  • Choose  one card each day for meditation and inspiration​

  • Choose one or more cards after asking a specific question​

  • Use a traditional spread or create your own spread​

  • Use the cards to inspire coaching topics and questions​

  • Use the cards as writing prompts​

  • Use the cards in a group​


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The weaving wisdom story

We all have a unique purpose and path.  And no matter what comes our way in life, we are always creative and whole and have gathered much wisdom on our paths.

Part of my life journey was moving to the family ranch land in Northern New Mexico. There, in the community of my people, I learned to weave in the Rio Grande style of my ancestors.  I worked in a weaving studio with other weavers.  Each day, as I wove, I listened to my shuttle keeping rhythm with the music that Luis, the master weaver, chose.  Weaving saved me during a difficult time in my life.   I learned that everything I created was woven from parts of myself, light and dark, rough and smooth. It was in looking at all of it and not being afraid to combine it that the beauty and wholeness emerged.  
I loved creating the Wisdom Cards!
My specially designed cards were born as a heart project to bring out the wisdom that lives in You. I have shared my most sacred weaving on this deck to send light to you. My hope is that they bring light to every darkness and that they help you to "weave" something beautiful from all parts of your life. 
Used alone, they can bring clarity, peace, and re-connection to a sense of purpose.  When paired with coaching and healing work, they can be used to help others transform their lives and reconnect with their gifts and talents so they can continue to be the change they need to be in the world.  
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