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Coaching Wisdom

Coach Training Program

60-Hour Coach Training Program.png

You are an intuitive and spiritual being who carries valuable experience and expertise.  The Coaching Wisdom Coach Training Program was designed not to separate these parts of you that are essential, but to invite your intuition and wisdom into the room so you can be your most authentic self when coaching.  

The Coaching Wisdom program acknowledges and celebrates your unique intuitive gifts.  You'll learn how to integrate your intuition with the principles of a solid coaching process so you can coach from a place of truth.  You will finally be able to bring your whole self to those you are called to serve. 

During the six-week 60 hour coaching program, you'll have the time and space to hone your skills and get comfortable as you begin to understand and use your own personal coaching style.

The Coaching Wisdom program is accredited by the ICF International Coaching Federation.  What that means for you is this: after you complete the program successfully, you can submit your certificate, coaching hours and a recorded coaching session to apply for ICF certification. I'll help you every step of the way!

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