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Are you 
Do you
feel called to help others?

 Connect with your wisdom

and shine your brilliant light!



It's no accident you're here

You want to learn to coach with confidence
You need to use your intuition and wisdom to coach others
You're looking for an accredited program that honors your intuitive gifts

Become a Coaching Wisdom Coach

Become a life coach using your intuitive gifts

Learn to help clients connect with their wisdom

Transform your client's journey to live their best life



You've been searching for so long 
for a way to connect with your wisdom and
shine your brilliant light in the world

Transform your life with 1:1 coaching

 Connect with your intuition and wisdom with a 1:1 coaching plan

Bring out the wisdom within to live a life that feels aligned

Learn to set and meet the goals that you always wanted to reach



You need insight and clarity

Book a Wisdom Session

Experience clarity and confirmation

Choose a wisdom card reading,

personalized coaching session,

or a combination designed just for you


You need a new way to

access your intuition and wisdom

Learn to use Wisdom Cards

Buy Wisdom Cards to connect with your intuition and wisdom

Learn to use them daily for insight and direction

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one

wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver


I wish I could show you,

when you are lonely or in darkness,

the astonishing light of your own being



Ruth is active listening personified. She embeds her skillful art with profound life wisdom. Her ability to frame coaching with humor, intuition and accountability will give anyone a foundation of confident ground from which to move forward. I recommend her highly and encourage you to take the plunge and dive into coaching with Ruth .... I believe you'll be glad you did!"

Achievement Coach

Coach Training

Coaching Wisdom coach training has been enlightening. I learned about the coaching process and had opportunities to practice with fellow participants. Training sessions were filled with hands-on practical material we could utilize immediately. We learned a variety of strategies to fill our coaching tool box. Weaving in the intuitive practices enriched the coaching sessions. It sparked results by igniting some "aha" moments. The instructor, Ruth, has an amazing ease to her style. Her knowledge is profound and her generosity to share her expertise is placed at the right time. 

Wisdom Coach

Intuitive Readings

Ruth is a natural, humble, and gifted reader. My readings have always been spot on and full of confirmations. She reads like a true storyteller, allowing time for personal epiphanies to emerge, yet making you feel at ease with your outcome. I highly recommend her and know you won't be disappointed.  She is a true gift to this practice.

Leadership Coach

Wisdom Cards

I reached out to Ruth for a Wisdom Card reading and received so much more. The card(s) she pulled for me was spot on and told an accurate account of exactly what is going on in my world, along with a message I really needed to hear. We reflected on each card, and I finished our call feeling lighter, brighter, and encouraged. Ruth's intuitive wisdom, gentleness, and exceptional coaching is a perfect recipe for renewed energy and clarity. I'll definitely be reaching out again. Thank you so much, Ruth!

Life Coach

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You carry all the ingredients to turn your existence into joy. 

Mix them! Mix them!   


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